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I’m Jenna Leng, and this is me:
'Da blues
The things about me that you should know:
I am a sex-positive feminist. I love sci-fi, get a little miffed around the edges when it comes to fantasy, but I deal with it. Unlike most people, I love labels, and plaster them all over myself indiscriminately and yes, even with glee. I’m bisexual, pansexual, ungendered, a Queer. I’m a Taoist. I’m a bitch. I’m a business owner. I’m neek. (Nerd + geek—a class higher than those damn gerds.) I’m also, as most people will tell you, a pain in the ass. I live a carefree life full of love, bubbles, rainbows, sunshine, and pixie sticks.

Elsewhere on the web

Twitter is where you can find me more often than not. And you can definitely see what I’m doing at any given moment.
Or you can just send me a tweet. I like when you do that.

Flickr, which mostly consists of Second Life stuff, but occasionally other junk that really shouldn’t be cluttering up the web.

Nonchalance I am Lienna Jael in Second Life. I spend a lot of time looking at the erotic and exotic side of the virtual experience. Come play with me.

I mostly post images and clips of articles that I like on Tumblr.

I also occasionally use Utterz, and those get posted to this site. Usually.

Google Reader, rather new for me, since I’ve just switched from Netvibes. Check it out, you can see what I’m reading:

Contact info
coquette [at] for all of your general mail and IMing needs
Mercy [at] for blog- and site-specific stuff

Generic Update

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m now ignoring my blog here.

Obligatory Acknowledgement of My Time Away, or, I’m Back

I was going to just go ahead and start writing again. Mostly because I believe that very few people are still subscribed to the feed, but a good part is because I wasn’t sure what to say.  Since you few who are reading this are probably close friends and people I’ve had actual conversations with […]

Cartoons aren’t what they used to be

Actually, I think my cartoons (say twenty to thirty years old) really are what they used to be: terrible, stilted, and trite. That may be why some of them sound like bad hentai. And quite possibly why grown men and women find them so erotic. Gotta love all that cheesy anime porn.   This is […]

I had sex for breakfast

It was freakin’ amazing. Sometimes you just want to tell everybody you see. When I was in college (but not on campus) I tried that once. As amusing as it sounds, it was really only funny to me and my friends. Everyone else just gave us dirty looks, except for one woman, who said, “That’s […]

Words of Wisdom & Wishing

Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.

I Heart Steampunk and Cthulhu Bondage Masks

And you should, too. Thanks to my rant over the lack of streampunk in porn, a few people pointed me in a direction I hadn’t previously considered: bondage. Hoods and masks aren’t unusual in BDSM porn, and if I’d thought about it, I’d’ve realized that where there’s many, there’s a better chance of finding a […]

We’re a Threesome, Now

Just the other week I introduced my friend Brooke as a writer for Cyberspace Babes, and now I’m going to introduce you to Cassandra. Or rather, re-introduce you, since she’s already posted. As part of my nefarious plan to make CSB into the site I first envisioned when I registered the domain lo, these many […]

Two Are Better Than One

This is a not-so-stylishly-late introduction for a new author and my old friend, Brooke. She mentioned in her own first post that we’ve known each other for eight or nine years. It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago we were bonding over one beloved chanteuse or another. We still do. Since the […]