Cartoons aren’t what they used to be

Actually, I think my cartoons (say twenty to thirty years old) really are what they used to be: terrible, stilted, and trite. That may be why some of them sound like bad hentai. And quite possibly why grown men and women find them so erotic. Gotta love all that cheesy anime porn.


This is something along the lines of what I overheard the kids at my parents’ house listening to yesterday. The image, of course, I copped from some random message board.


Heee hehe hehe

“Mud! Yaaaaaaaaaay”

*more giggling and a bit of wrestling*

“Ow! Something just poked me!

Ooo! Look what I found!”

“Lemme see!”

“I want to see!”

“It’s Mr Tannem and his—wait, what IS that, Teacher?”

“Well, girls, you see—heh heh hem—this is a very special, very magical wand…for discipline.”

[chorus] “Uh-oh!”

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