I’m stoked about being asked to contribute to Mercy’s cool blog

So, Mercy managed to convince me to start contributing to Cyberspace Babes, offering real-life sex in exchange for posts, so I accepted, being as I lust after her so badly. Actually, I accepted because I have a genuine interest in human sexuality — something Mercy and I have in common. And I always considered her blog one of the best out there as far as offering intelligent, mature and unabashed content about all things erotic. The funny thing is, I found her site by happenstance, stumbling upon the link one day maybe two years ago while browsing Technorati. I’m very glad I did. She and I wound up becoming pretty close e-friends, and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting the woman behind the words one day.

OK, time for some stuff about me. I am a transsexual female who is only first beginning to get used to her new skin, so to speak. I was born biologically male and transitioned to the opposite sex because I had early-onset gender dysphoria that grew more and more severe as time went by. I finally did something about it toward the end of 2007, which is when I began taking female hormones, although I began the process of facial hair removal roughly 1 1/2 years prior to that. Hmm, I’ll have to check if that’s accurate.

At any rate, the reason why I mention my transsexuality is because I expect that a good number of my posts — not all, mind you — will be written from that standpoint, being as I’m experiencing the world anew as a woman. I experience and view sex differently now. In a sense, I am like an adolescent girl, not only exploring and growing accustomed to my new gender role in adult relationships, but also trying to get the hang of the intensified emotions that come with being a woman.

Aside from me being trans, I also have an interest in BDSM, specifically bondage, moderate suspension, ’50s household and S&M. As far as actually engaging in those activities, I am a newbie. I primarily enjoy being submissive, although I do have a bit of domme blood running through my veins.


  • So cool to see you writing here! Looking forward to more.

  • And I'm so glad to have you aboard! Thanks for the compliments, I hope you know that they extend to you, as well. I think I'm getting a great collection of gals here. Not only me, I've had a couple people ask when you and Brooke will be posting regularly. (Not a very subtle hint, but I guess we're all excited about the change.) This is going to be fantastic fun. : )

    (btw: Has it really been one and a half years since you started depilation? I remember when you started—time sure flies.)

  • Yeah, seems like an eternity. That's for sure.

    Thank you both! I have some stuff for posting brewing in my pretty little head.

  • Ooh welcome Cassandra. Wonderful to see you here.

    Now… on your knees, bitch. (Just kidding)

  • That’s a total “oh my GOD” comment. *L*

  • I have some stuff brewing, too. Maybe we can get a good admixture going. ; )

  • I have some stuff brewing, too. Maybe we can get a good admixture going. ; )

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