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This is My first post on My dear friend Mercy’s blog. I’ve known her for some eight or nine years now. She keeps trying to get Me to web 2.0 sites, and I keep resisting, not tending to move past irc. But I’m going to start posting here about Domination/submission, a passion that has pretty much become My sole interest on irc and in which I’m very cautiously dabbling My toes in real life. I’d love to read feedback on My thoughts and even more important, see what others have to say about it. One conclusion I came to quite a while ago is that it’s an area of interpersonal relations in which there is always something new to learn from anyone who approaches the subject with some seriousness. But it also serves as a cover of legitimacy for abusive people.

Well, that’s My virgin (grin) post. Oh, by the way… if you are at all familiar with D/s, you’ll know from My use of capital letters that I am Domme.


  • Cassandra wrote:

    Yay, welcome to Cyberspace Babes! Looking forward to reading your entries.

    Eight or nine years? Wow, what was Mercy like back then? Has she mellowed? :D

  • Welcome, Brooke! Finally got you nailed down. *grin* I meant to post an introduction, but I somehow lost it within an hour of typing it. (There's a new tip I didn't know, the QuickPress doesn't auto-save. Ugh.) Anyway, I hope you post regularly and often, Brooke, and I will, too. : )

    And I've always been mellow, Cassandra! Relatively, anyway. *s*

  • It's an honor to be nailed by you, Mercy. And yes, you'd told Me about the intro and I went crazy trying to find it, thinking I had no clue about how to navigate the site. Good to know that it wasn't Me : )

    As far as the mellowing, Cassandra, not on your life. Maybe I just didn't know Mercy well enough in those days gone by, but mellow is in the eye of the beholder, too. She ain't mellowed a bit from what I can see : )

  • Marcus Twayne wrote:

    If you have to explicitly say that you're D/, then you're quite the unskilled Domme.

    Keep trying.

  • Marcus, I appreciate your comment. My last point was directed at those who may not be familiar with D/s protocol … 'twas that simple, considering that this is not per se a D/s forum.

    If you read the post with discernment, you'll see that I readily admit I've got much to learn… I do not claim to be a sophisticate in the D/s area. I welcomed people's sharing their thoughts with just such learning in mind. Somehow, though, the benefit of snarkiness eludes Me. :)

  • If he doesn't know that D/s needs to be explained to most people, he doesn't know much about it himself.

  • If he doesn't know that D/s needs to be explained to most people, he doesn't know much about it himself.

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