Flickr keeps getting better and better

I’ve been planning to make some lingerie for holiday gifts this year. Looking for inspiration, I checked out Flickr and was lucky enough to have a couple guys in panties show up in my search results. I came across the group Men Who Wear Panties & Lingerie while I was browsing through them.  One of the things that really draws me to this genre is the sense of taboo that these men exhibit. I love that many of the thrilling secrecy and anonymous openness. Even though I don’t think it’s dirty, I get a kick out of someone else feeling that way. Many of these shots would be in the amateur category when it comes to porn, but a lot of them would be considered extremely soft-core as well.  It’s a mixed bag of all the different flavors of this particular fetish.  So, something for everyone.

Just thought I’d share another installment of my metakinks. Enjoy.

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