Since my update to WordPress 2.6.3 it seems that the Age Verification plugin has stopped working.  I’ve disabled it for the time being, (and if you’re my host reading this, it will be back up ASAP) so I guess I have a project for the evening.

Until then, if you’re under 18 and/or the laws in your state, province, country, planet, etcetera do not allow you to view adult material, leave now.  If you’re easily offended by sexuality and links to, pictures of, or commentary on questionably NSFW content, you take full responsibility for the after-images that will be seared onto your retinas and into your memory for all time.  You are also to blame (and again, take full responsibility on yourself) if you are morally or emotionally scarred, whether it be for a day, a month, or for all time.

If the above applies to you in any way DO NOT SCROLL DOWN.

You’ve been warned.  Enjoy.

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