Links n’ Kinks for October 12th

October 11th

twitter (feed #2) 10:44pm I installed the Lifestream plugin for WP. I think I* prefer that to Friendfeed or any such.
twitter (feed #2) 10:49pm @IBTerri Sweet dreams, doll! And have fun tomorrow morning. :)
delicious (feed #3) 10:54pm The Victorian Peeper: (Steam)Punk’d Model Trains
twitter (feed #2) 11:04pm God, I am ALWAYS losing my mp3 player. This is like 11th grade, when I lost my house keys nine times. bleh.
twitter (feed #2) 11:38pm hahah My dog is awesome! He started bouncing around on his back legs when I turned on the music and danced to it. I love my dog. <3
twitter (feed #2) 11:54pm Donate $25 to No on Prop 8 and Dan Savage will personally reply to your questions. I have no questions, sadly.
twitter (feed #2) 11:55pm @roxette_wise Morning!
blog (feed #1) 11:59pm What I was up to on 2008-10-11


twitter (feed #2) 12:00am @Danacea Morning! Try harder tonight. I’ll be rooting for you.
twitter (feed #2) 12:00am @Cassandra_K Did you ring the lube? Or…whatever?
twitter (feed #2) 12:05am @Cassandra_K I’ll make a note of that. *s*
twitter (feed #2) 12:10am Awesome Highlighter has a Firefox plugin now. It’s so much more awesome. Awesomer…? Hm.
twitter (feed #2) 12:11am @Cassandra_K Triscuits are biscuits that will try anything, right?
twitter (feed #2) 12:15am @Akelaa Hey, sexy! Sounds simple, but it’s neat: highlight, make a note, & you get a short url to post.
twitter (feed #2) 12:18am @Akelaa Like this: <3
twitter (feed #2) 12:19am @Cassandra_K Oooh. I have not had cheese in…too long.
twitter (feed #2) 12:20am @Akelaa Yay! You’ll love it. It’s handy for damn near everything. I use it on my blog sometimes. More often for Twitter, though.
twitter (feed #2) 12:20am @Akelaa Oh, plus it saves your history and shows you stats on how many times it was visited.
twitter (feed #2) 12:22am And just cuz it’s too funny not to share: For unicorn fans, with love.
twitter (feed #2) 12:24am @Akelaa Notice that you can edit the highlights by clicking on them. :)
twitter (feed #2) 12:35am @fidlr Before you eat or before they do?
twitter (feed #2) 12:39am @Cassandra_K Mine, too. : )
twitter (feed #2) 1:02am Oh god, Fox women are upset that Sarah Palin’s Newsweek photo *wasn’t* retouched. Using words like “horrifying” and “mortifying”.
twitter (feed #2) 1:04am “Any woman that sees this [Palin] cover would be SHOCKED and HORRIFIED” because it’s untouched, mind you.
twitter (feed #2) 1:06am We should all boycott Newsweek for (supposedly) prettifying Barak Obama, but not Palin. Dumbass elitist liberal media!
twitter (feed #2) 1:07am @SamanthaSL No! Thanks for the link, doll!
twitter (feed #2) 1:08am
hulu (feed #4) 1:57am Watched a video on Hulu.

hulu (feed #4) 2:05am Watched a video on Hulu.

twitter (feed #2) 2:22am “Downloaded Second Life. Flew. Fell in a pond. Sat on a duck. Uninstalled.” — @trojanchad01
twitter (feed #2) 2:45am @SamanthaSL Very indicative of the average new user experience, don’t you think?

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