Links n’ Kinks for October 11th

This is an incredibly long and (now that I’ve read it) boring post. Some decent links, but all it really was was a test of the LifeStream plugin‘s auto-posting function. I’m sure that people who are much more interesting—and much less prone to idle chitchat on various social networks—will get better use of that feature than me.

Personally, I’d rather not clutter up my site with off-topic posts anymore. Which really leads me to wonder: what is my topic, anyway? Until I figure that out, I’ll keep to the broad standards I’ve stuck to the past few years: Does it have anything to do with sex? Can it be relished and played with online? (Obviously, cybersex and porn are the main ingredients there.) Or does it have to do with me? The rest is just fluff when it comes to the focus I want to keep on those main points. Me-stuff being fluffy, but important to my continued good mental health.

In any case, I’ll leave the links n’ ephemera up because I hate deleting posts, but I can hide them.


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Playing with Posterous
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  • Kinda neat, if popularity is your thing: “a daily updating everyone can see how popular you are.”
  • Heh, I’m too used to getting straight As. Didn’t do too good on
  • @Cassandra_K Hey love! *kiss*
  • @roguepuppet Wikipedia claims they’re for a bunch of stuff:
  • And more awareness ribbon meanings:
  • Hahahah A pale brown awareness ribbon is for ending chain emails. I want a dozen of those.
  • @Veronique_B *kiss* Happy weekend, doll. : )
  • @cala Just read that you got a new apartment. Congrats!!
  • @Veronique_B It’s good to know who you talk to. Mine’s worse: I’m, My, & McCain. Urgh. Me, myself, & McCain. NOT how I wanted to go down.
  • @ThePurpleOne Hi sugar! *muah*
  • @Veronique_B I was going to read up on how it’s calculated, but I got bored too fast. *grin
  • Why am I dabbling with xml? Oh yeah. I forgot, I’m studiously ignoring the dishes.
  • No Twitter IM functionality in the near future. Also, Twitter’s blog is a Tumblr blog. Neat, I can follow easily.
  • @IBTerri You’re 100 in my book. It’s a silly grading system!
  • @taterunino Morning, sugar. Coffee?
  • @ThePurpleOne Same here. Not my main blog, anyway, and one or two of the others. Eh. I’ll try tonight. : )
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A favorite quote
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