September Update

So an update at last.  I promised myself I wouldn’t post until I’d done a rehaul of the site’s template. As you can see, I’m partially there. New colors for once, too.

Summer’s been hellish work-wise and personally, and I’m glad it’s almost over. I haven’t had as much time for my on-line activities as I’d’ve liked the past few months. Most people maintain a distinct line between “real life” and what they do on-line.  I don’t—or at least, I don’t see the division as clearly. Fifty percent of my social life is conducted through my broadband connection. It’s wryly amusing that some still find that sad and odd. Anyway, here’s the break down of my life these past few months: I am not single. This does not curtail my cybersexual activities. (I had a fantastic evening with the luscious Tatsuko last night.) I am not broke. (Thank friggin’ gawd.) My house is torn in half, but I have hopes that the contractor will get the new improved bedroom finished sometime in mid-October. And that’s it, sadly. Oh, and did I mention? I did a DJ named Spin Martin; ‘twas rad, funny, and insanely hot all at once.

Sexually speaking, I’ve little enough to share. I mosey out to the nearest bar and hope that the women there don’t remember me, or if they do, remember me favorably. Sometimes I get lucky. There’re a few things I’ve learned, doing the quick pick up (the wooing and sex and wrap up in under an hour): clean the car. Women don’t like cars that are filled with wrappers and paper coffee cups. That wrinkle of the nose means her libido is dying. She’ll soon be blowing it into a tissue and tossing it aside almost as fast as she does you.  My friend tells that car sex is high school. Me, I say it’s my dirty car or the dirty alley. You’d think this wouldn’t work. Yeah, well it doesn’t, always. Still, you get unpicky partners from time to time. These are the ones that matter, baby.

Lesson number two, they don’t like me. Pretend to be someone else. I’m geeky, dorky, and set in my ways.

There’s another lesson here, but I’ve forgotten it. I’ll update you next month, or whenever I have time. Heh.


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