3D Porn: Pornomation

robotsI love virtual porn. I’m not talking about Second Life, or at least, not exclusively. I mean god-honest, actual 3D-rendered porn. It’s one of the search terms I use on my nightly forays into cyberspace. But I wasn’t looking for virtual kinks tonight; I was looking for alien porn. And came across Pornotopia.

3D alien porn. Robots. Yes!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen CGI porn this good. Renderotica is usually my favorite place to go, but those are still images, not movies. Here we have a trailer for an upcoming full-length movie from Pornotopia’s creators, Sagemonn and Karynna. While this is not a free site (I personally don’t care much for pay sites), and the tour’s free images don’t do more than lightly tease your bits, the scenes themselves blossom in your imagination. The animation and scenery is just fantastic. You can see the artistry and deviance in each shot: this is not your run-of-the-mill pornography. We’re talking alien sci-fi and fantasy fetishes here, with incredible vistas and scenes. The movies at least seem to have plots, something that’s usually fairly cheesy and forced in adult movies of any type, but if these two artists are as meticulous with writing the screenplays as they are with 3D modeling and animation, it could be a treat. Pornotopia may well be one of the few porn sites I’d consider subscribing to. They also have some DVDs and CD-ROMs, but I’ll probably check out the 30 day pass first.


I’d let it buffer a bit and skip through the first half and get right to the action.


  • Eucalingus wrote:

    What attention to detail on that clip! 50x hotter than any hentai I’ve ever seen.

  • Isn’t it? I love this stuff. I wish there were sexual video games that looked this good. Wait…are there? To Google!

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