Panty Thrills

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have our own private runway shows every time we do a little shopping? The rich and fabulous still get that, and it’s not a new concept. O. Henry’s written short stories about such models, as has Colette and a myriad of other classic authors—most notably telling the story of the poor young girl or boy out on their own in the big, bad world. Men lusted over these waifs, easily bought at a time when women had little in the way of acceptable livelihoods. Women found lovers amongst the young men modeling suits for their husbands. Today, models are much more varied, and undoubtedly draw better wages, but objectification still remains. I find sexual objectification acceptable—except when it covers a whole class of people, rather than just the object of a fantasy. Not one of the many partners peopling my fantasies is anything other than an object of my lust.

Back to the models. While we probably won’t get our own fashion show just by stopping into a store, these days we can get a virtual one. A friend of mine directed me to KnickerPicker to do a little shopping. She probably knew I’d be more enthralled with the models. It’s not really porn, but it might as well be. There’s something intrinsically rousing about women modeling lingerie for you. What I really like about KnickerPicker’s models is that they’re somewhat interactive. You can have them walk towards you, walk back, and turn around. Even better, these models all have different body types, and lack that professional smile. I’ve chosen the one below because she seems appealingly shy. More like a real person than a cookie-cutter mannequin.

And then there’s aussieBum. Not as interactive, but with a plethora of video clips and hot, hot, fucking hot babe shots, it’s hard to beat this site for sheer ocular overload. This one company is making huge changes in the nature of underwear advertising for men. Remember Mark Wahlberg in his tight little Calvin Kleins? Women went crazy over that. Men, not so much.

markwahlbergCK  There’s been little in the way of sexy ads for men, at least those that don’t feature women. Not too long ago, though, I passed by a shop that had an aussieBum display in the front window. I wasn’t the only one who stopped to stare, with a goofy, lusty grin plastered on my face. A number of other women did, too. Some with men—who hung back, clearly disassociating themselves with anything ball-hugging and panty-like. Take that cue, guys: women like these. They’re hot as hell.

The aussieBum video below showcases their new swim line, and they are not Speedos.  More to the point, this video is definitely geared to rev up the viewer’s sex drive.  And not the hetero male’s drive, either.

Have a gander, girls.


  • Cassandra wrote:

    Hahaha. You’re right re: Knicker Picker. I knew you would dig the ‘live’ models. I LOVE the “come closer” command. :) My favorite model is the one in the center, with the short blond hair. She looks great in a thong!

  • True! I had a hard time choosing which one. I didn’t want to post them all (actually, I did). The blonde’s really cute, too. I really, really liked the fact that they were all so “real”. I guess that’s kind of like amateur porn, without the porn. ; )

  • Wow- As a guy, I absolutely love wearing womens underwear! Not all the time, but once in a while for an erotic thrill. Its just so forbidden and the feel of the material and the snug cut of the style is enough to make my head buzz! I had a prtner who got me started on it and she would only let me wear once in a while as a treat. Now I cant walk through a department store without getting a buzz just from looking at them!

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