Weekly Obsession: Morbid Mandy vs Crazy Tentacle Monster

Okay, I found this blog post: Mandy Morbid: Mandy Vs. Crazy Tentacle Sex Monster. What’s not to love, right? So I click. No movie. But there’s a link to www.mandymorbid.com—which I’d normally avoid. I don’t like banner- and pop-up-filled sites, or even most pay sites. Even so, there might be a girl having sex with a home-made tentacle monster somewhere in there amidst all the seizure-inducing porn-bling.

And guess what? Lots of porn-bling (advertising, you know), but it’s a real site, real chick, and free. She’s tatted, punk, shaved head, pierced, and hot as hell. And here’s her awesome little tentacle monster movie—one of dozens.

I dub this my first official Weekly Obsession.


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