Sex Toys: The Curve

The Curve

I am loving the look of the Curve right now. Aside from the sinuous shaft and perfectly shaped head, it has a finger-loop for a handle. I’ve never understood why manufacturers didn’t make ergonomic grips for dildos and vibes. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s damn sight better than most. The head and angle definitely look like it hits the spot, though. I really like the dildos that have a “head” rather than just a nub for g-spot stimulation; the head just makes the in-n-outs more enjoyable.

I have a vibrator from the same company (Fun Factory) that makes the Curve, and it’s pretty ergonomic. And cute. I like to keep a whitelist of good sex toy manufacturers, and they’re one. I forget where I got it (it’s called the Laya, I believe), but it’s a good bet it’s from either Babeland or Good Vibrations. I’m adding the Curve to my Most Wanted List.

As an aside, it’s listed under “extra large” dildos. Uhm, no. It’s a little over 1.5″ in diameter. That’s quite average, so don’t let it scare you off.

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