CA’s Same-sex Marriage Ban goes POOF

I blogged about it on my bisexuality blog, but why not spread it even further? We’re now the second U.S. state to allow same-sex marriages! It’s exciting news for most of us. Even though I won’t be marrying anyone, man or woman, a heart-squeezing fist of happiness keeps pressing out random grins when I think about it. So, good for us.

When Proposition 22 passed, I had this horrid, sinking feeling of rejection. I wanted to cry. That reaction actually surprised me, even though the outcome didn’t. I hadn’t thought I was so emotionally invested in something I truly believed would pass—I mean, it was just a matter of time before the world came to its senses, right? Since then, it’s been a state of limbo for me, for everyone who wanted this, who cared. Overturning Prop 22 today is our vindication.


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