SquarePeg Toys For Your Boys

SquarePeg DildosThis guy creates some seriously hot dildos. Jet-black silicone urethral sounds (not audio—a medical instrument for probing, dilating, and stretching, the use of which can be a fetish in its own right), dildos, and various other accessories, from erotic (and usable!) sculptures to dick bits. You really have to see the dick bits, they’re hardcore, awesome pieces made from real hardware: screws, drill bits, bolts. I love kinky industrial appurtenances.

Just the silhouettes of the insertables are artistic.  Delve a little deeper, and I think you’ll find one that will hit damn near any spot you have, think you might have, or hope to have.


imageAnother mention-worthy item is…Jack.  Or rather, Jack’s Ass. While this really wouldn’t do me much good as a sex toy (though hell, yes, I would try it out, given the chance. I’ve got a Feeldoe, baby), I think the form is incredibly erotic. Bronze silicone, perfectly shaped.


And inserts! Now that’s just friggin’ cool. Toys like this make me want a penis.


Of my own.


While most of these seemed to be geared toward prostate stimulation and massage (there’s even a puppy tail in a variety of sizes, hawt), I’m positive we women can find a number of these to our liking.  And if it doesn’t work, we can always use it during foreplay.


  • Cassandra wrote:

    Oooh, nice selection of dildos. Gotta love the pogo.

  • Sweet gawd, I’ve been enjoying reading your log at KittenHate… I even have some sci-fi erotica that I’d be honored to give out for your use. Somehow, I’ve needed so badly to e turned on to make it through a day of work.

  • Thanks, W.B. : )

    Cassandra: I kinda wanna buy them all, at least for display purposes. They’re really fantastic looking.

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