Kinsey Institute on the Sexual Satisfaction report

Remember the Men’s Health Magazine report on the top rated cities in sexual satisfaction? Indianapolis topped that list, which seemed pretty iffy to me. Seems Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute thinks so, too.

The magazine ranked 100 cities based on condom sales, birthrate and sex-toy sales, said Denny Watkins, Men’s Health reporter. The rankings were part of the magazine’s MetroGrades, which grade cities on different topics every month. But using protection and spicing up a relationship do not equal sexual satisfaction, according to Jennifer Bass, director of communications for Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, which is internationally known for its research in sex, gender and reproduction. To do it by sales and demographic numbers is a bit of a stretch, Bass said. People’s satisfaction is usually dependent on their relationship with their partners and their own pleasures, Bass said.

Having sex does not necessarily mean satisfaction. There are a lot of people having a lot of sex searching for some kind of satisfaction in their life, Bass said. It’s a big stretch to go from that one idea to the other.

I so called that.

Sex expert rebuffs city’s rank in mag | The Journal Gazette

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