Cyberspace Babes

I remember the day I registered this domain; over six years ago now, at the very least (and I actually lost it for a whole year, so who knows how long, really). I had just one domain at the time—long since defunct—but I still perused lists of domains that had expired, in hopes of finding a better one, or at least an idea for a new one. Anyway, that’s how I came across And it suited me admirably. Still does, really, though you hardly ever hear anyone talk about cyberspace these days. Now it’s just the Internet, or On-line.

During all the site/hosting turmoil that was going on a couple weeks ago, I was doing my best to keep up with comments and private e-mails from you awesome readers, when my friend Melissa totally floored me with an immensely flattering post about yours truly on her blog, The Virtual Future.

I want you to read her post, but I’ll break down the pertinent bits that I want to respond to. Melissa’s thoughtfully used a list that I can easily post with impunity.

• Mercy IS Cyberspace Babes. That’s right. She OWNS the domain. It’s not like E! didn’t know this- they had to do research after all. And given their web’s sexiest women are called Cyberspace Babes, I think it’s highly unlikely they didn’t check the domain.
I am a cyberspace babe. So is she. So are you, for that matter. It’s why we’re all here, being our sexy, cyberotic selves. When I first came on-line, lo, these many years ago, there were few women. Among those that were here, we were a fucking hot commodity. Not so much any more. Of course, I’m no longer a teenager, not twenty-one, nor twenty-five. I’m thirty-one, and I have to tell you, though the quantity of cyber suitors has gone down, the quality has actually gone up. This site has done that for me. Cyberspace—including Usenet, IRC, blogging, IM, and the permutations that we have now as social networks—has given me a lot more in the way of sexual expression than I got through working as an exotic dancer and erotic instructor, and that’s saying quite a lot. I know it’s done the same for a great many people.

So E! can bite me. I saw their version of cyber babes, and we’re much, much hotter.

• Mercy charts her orgasms.

I do indeed chart my orgasms. I had the vague idea that I’d be able to correlate them to my period, events in my life, foods I’ve eaten. If only I’d kept track of those, as well! Maybe one day.

• Mercy gives us glimpses of her breasts and her face without ever truly revealing who she is. Who doesn’t love mystery?

Ohh, Melissa. The glimpses of my breasts and face…well, I’m really not into showing off my body anymore. While passive objectification doesn’t bother me (after all, I was objectifying a young guy I saw at the bus stop this morning), many people don’t look beyond that to what I really have to say. Anyone with a bit of net-savvy (and Mel was too nice to point this out) can definitely find quite a bit out about me. And I don’t really care for my face. It’s mine, we’re comfortable together, sometimes even good, and that’s about all I can say.

• Mercy is on every social network on the web- which means she has more friends then anyone else online. Her favorite networking obsession is Twitter.

I don’t mean to be on every social network—I’m probably not, but I am on most of the big ones. I do eschew Myspace, having pegged it early on as a place I did not want to be. One of my best friends is still very active there, and I routinely ignore her pleas to join her. The rest kind of draw me in with a mystery of their own. Yes, I do absolutely adore Twitter, to the point that my blog has flagged, and people have to sign up to send a message I’ll respond to. So don’t you dare trash it. It’s gonna have mah baby.

Mercy speaks openly and honestly about everything sex and sexy. From vaginas and penises to what happens when two or more sex organs come together to every type of sexuality and fetish, you will find it in her posts. If you want information about something you don’t see- don’t worry, she’ll get around to it. And if it’s not there, check out her blogroll. If Mercy hasn’t written it, someone she knows has.

• Aside from getting off on talking about sex and everything sexy, this blog does have a message: your fantasies and desires are not as twisted and weird as you think. You are not alone. I write about things that arouse and interest me in the hopes that it’ll make one person (I just need one!) start to do the same. I want more honesty between couples. I want to say the things that others are afraid to say, because they have too much to lose, or they just can’t, for whatever reason. Yes—it’s scary, I do worry, and I certainly feel exposed. People freaked when they saw my name in Information Week’s article, “Sex in Second Life”. A new acquaintance at the time, my friend Mitch Wagner, wrote this:

She’s Been Doing Cybersex Nearly 20 Years

Jenna Leng has been looking for gratification online since just before she entered junior high school. She started on local BBSes in 1988.

“I was a good kid. Aside from the cybersex. ; )” she said in an interview conducted through text chat in-world. But then she amended herself. “I wouldn’t really call it cybersex. It was, strangely enough, cyber ‘petting,’ much of what normal teenagers do without the physical aspect. I talked about thoughts, or urges, kissing, touching. But again, that didn’t head towards sex until much later.”

She credits cybersex with helping her overcome early sexual repression. She says she is bisexual in real-life, and cybersex helped her overcome her sense of shame.

A multimedia designer from Los Angeles, she uses Second Life with the avatar name “Liennna Jael.” When I teleported to interview her, she was wearing provocative bra and panties, but she quick-changed into a low-cut sundress for the interview.

Using her Lienna Jael pen name, she writes for Pixel Pulse, a Second Life adult blog that’s also distributed in-world.

She enjoys exotic cybersex, “Hermaphrodites, shemales, alien avatars, futuristic cyborgs,” she said.

zOMfuckingGAWD, right? Twenty years. And cyborgs.

Resistance is futile.

And I’ve been privileged to meet a host of wonderful people on Second Life. Love you, Mel! *muah*


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