Go Mosley!

This has been all over the web.  It’s no surprise to me, and it’s unlikely to be one to you. What IS surprising is the continuing hype.

Embattled motorsport boss Max Mosley has defended his right to an “eccentric” private life and said he will fight to continue running Formula One. In his first interview since a newspaper published allegations that he engaged in a “Nazi orgy” with five prostitutes, Mr Mosley admitted the scandal had embarrassed his family.

Of course it embarrassed his family.  More so than a number of other sexual proclivities, no doubt.  Nazis and orgies an prostitutes, oh my! Wow, this is starting to sound just like porn, isn’t it? Damn the man for making it real. The sheer enormity of it all. 

Good on Mosley for defending himself.  We do have a right to our fantasies. Even if they’re degrading, prejudicial, sick, twisted, or intolerably boring to other people. Unfortunately, the media has the right to harp on anything that sells. Deviant fantasies of those in the limelight are fodder for them. As for the public, you have to love the hypocrisy. I’d love a sampling of the hecklers’ turn-ons.

And you know, if you don’t like someone’s fantasy, you do not have to participate. What a revolutionary idea.

Via MSN News UK, Mosley defends ‘eccentric’ sex life


  • I’m kind of curious to know what a “Nazi orgy” is.

  • Here’s the original link to the article (I think the original one from the publication who broke the story). To boil it down, though, the scandal is this:

    Mosley made a 5 hour bondage-heavy sex tape of himself and a bunch of prostitutes, some dressed as Nazi internees, and a few in Nazi uniform. Lots of whipping, and I believe he got his share, too. I think the orgy came afterwards. ; )

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