Twitter Tools, Site Updates, and Musings on Personal Pornography

What a pain in the ass the past week or so has been.  I’ve been trying to switch servers, upgrade WordPress (ARGHmotherfuckingargh), and recover posts that were lost in a server crash.  I’ve been somewhat successful there—and sorry about the double posts if you noticed them.  I posted them as I found them, not in their original order since it really didn’t seem that important to make sure they were chronologically aligned on the page.  In any case, things are back to normal as of now.

Updates on my life? Nothing much in the way of erotica, unless you count autoerotic techniques, escapades with various Second Life toys and characters, and a search for Snork porn.  Oh, and I’ve been on a futanari kick lately, too.  Greatly aided by visits to various virtual venues.  (Like that alliteration?  Admit it, you were a little turned on.)

I haven’t posted with the same frequency as last year, and I’ve been wondering how I could give myself a little kick in the ass to do so.  I’ve noticed a lot of people posting their “Daily Twitter Wrap-ups” or whatever they’re called.  That, obviously, isn’t going to work for me since I post to Twitter frequently, and most of what I say isn’t really that profound.  In fact, it’s mostly piece-meal conversation.  So I have another idea: I’ll post the stuff I like manually (since there doesn’t seem to be another way), and my  don’t have a feed.  One of the features that Twitter has is tracking.  I, of course, added words like “penis”, “masturbation”, “horny”, and a variety of others.  I also use an external Twitter tool called  that delivers tracked results to my e-mail.  These two tools make the experience even more voyeuristic, bordering on creepy, but hey, what can I say?  That’s me.  The results are sometimes funny, usually boring, and occasionally get in the way of the conversation, but I have a lot of fun with it.

I’ll bring ‘em on later.

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