I’ve mentioned Manties before.  From time to time, I spend a few hours searching for something comparable in the “men in panties” category. Sometimes I bag the bogus.

It seems that even Mars (yup, the big candy conglomerate) has  gotten into the game. Maybe they’re not truly selling panty hose to guys, but they’re using a guy in hosiery to sell candy. Which is even more fabulous in my opinion. For some reason, the company didn’t think this would fly in the US, but they gave it a shot in New Zealand. A smexy, hot Kiwi man in lingerie? uNF.

Mars sent out casting flyers and bagged a number of guys trying out for the part. You’ll have to view the video for highlights, but they center mostly on one man.  One guy, totally unknowingly, bagged the gig for the commercial that ends with posters and the site emblazoned with “Mark Hathaway had the NUTS to do this” for Snicker’s “Get Some Nuts” advert. Hot.


I can’t think of who the lower image reminds me of, but it’ll come to me.  I’ll have quite the opportunity to reflect.Clipboard-1x
[addendum] I remember now, it’s that asshole doctor from Grey’s Anatomy. Hah.


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