Vulva Purses

I know that in a previous post I’d come down on Tyra Banks’ —not because I hate vagina dollies, but because I don’t think we need to pretty them up to be less threatening. Pretty vulva art, on the other hand, gets an accolade from me.  Lauren Sinnott (a.k.a. The Art Goddess, has created some beautiful, sensual, cunt-lovin’ vulva purses that would make Inga Muscio proud.  I only wish this site had been included in the resources section of Muscio’s book, Cunt.

I don’t have a favorite, really, and I don’t want to rip all the images to display here, but if I had to choose, the vulva valentine purse is one of my favorites.


Second up would be this bag.  Honestly, I really want to slip my hand in that.


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