Go Smurf Yourself

I discovered RedTube a little earlier today, and I’ve spent a couple hours browsing the .  I love weird and twisted, but this…well, this is a whole bunch of Smurfs smurfing each other.  Papa Smurf gets in on the act, and even Gargamel gets to give Smurfette a spin.

It’s silly, not all that hot, but I couldn’t help watching it.  It was like a train wreck.  And pbfft—not even true to life. This version of Gargamel’s not bald, Smurfette doesn’t struggle—I’ve no idea what language this is in, and there’re no subtitles, but she seems quite happy. She didn’t even try to flee.  That’s not the saucy little blonde that I remember. Still, it’s about time there was a Smurf tribute. 

Besides, you know you’ve always wanted to see Smurfette get it on.


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