Back Again.

Everyone seems to have a post somewhere in their blog apologizing for a lapse in attention.  I have, what—four?  It’s certainly not that I’ve lost interest in sex and sexuality, in sharing these things with others.  It’s not that I’m too busy, though that’s the standard excuse.  What’s really got me down is the fact that everyone I know knows about this blog.  The stories and experience they share with me always touch on something I’m planning to write about; I worry that perhaps they’ll see a similarity between what they’ve told me and a post, and think that this is my commentary on their confidences.  For those of you see who me as a right-on-bitch or no-holds-barred kind of person, let me set you straight: Confidences are sacrosanct. Even if I do advocate coming out, I will never out you. Come out in your own time, or never. That is your decision to make.  There will never be a reference to you, and just you, on this blog.

So this isn’t just to my friends who’ve befriended me. This is to everyone. What I tell you privately applies to you.  What I write on this blog is for everyone, and applies to everyone. You all inspire me to greater heights.

This post, especially, is to Codebastard Redgrave, who has urged me on by hints and pleas, and deserves the links I make to her blog, video, and images.  Thank you, Codie, love.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep – Machinima – Feist remix

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  • As you said, we who know you, know about this blog.

    If I was to tell you something, why would I think that wouldn’t mention the secret life of “Ms F”. If people recognize themselves, then good on them, who else will? Not me probably.

    You have a wide ranging intellect and interests, so you would naturally touch on something, that someone is going through or experiencing. So just blog it, and get it out of your system.

    I also watch Codies Video every few days, and it still blows me away. I expect we will see a music video made in Second Life one day soon.

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