Rewriting stories that are neither pure erotica nor pure fiction

I almost always find fumbling replies to my flirtations totally charming.  My fumblings and stupidity I find incredibly embarrassing, though.  Odd, that.  Feeling stupid over someone (and showing it!) is quite possibly one of the worst things about crushes.  In any case, that’s not what this post is really about. Merely an observation. So, on to the meat.

Years ago, I’d started writing a series of erotica-science fiction short stories, posting them here and there online.  They weren’t quite cohesive, but they followed a kind of plotless story line.  My idea lately has been to clean them up and post them on my blog, or in a separate section.  One of the complaints that I had about them, though, were that they didn’t fit cleanly into a certain genre.  While all of them had a scifi setting, not all of them were erotica.  Reading over them, though, I don’t see an easy way of making each “chapter” erotic.  I do have plans to rewrite the story line, and this time, include an actual plot.  When I’d started them–and I’d called them the Valse stories–I’d no plans to make them other than a series, loosely collected.

Abandoning the stories completely isn’t really an option.  I have this need to get them out there, to resist the death of a character I’ve created, and even come to love.  So. I’ve been toying with the idea of rewriting most of them, plucking out random scenes to fit the story.  I’m certainly a more descriptive writer than I was at the age of twenty.  But which direction should I go, erotica or scifi?  My inclination is to let it develop at it will, but what think you?


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  • Tag! You’re it!

  • let it develop on it’s own.

    i’ve started what might turn into the first draft of a novel on my blog and i’m just posting it on a different page (it’s not at all sissy related). it might not turn into anything, but the main character has been rattling around in my head for much to long.


  • Don’t force sexy bits in where they don’t belong (and that double meaning was entirely unintended, but oddly appreciated). Just think of any late night titty movie on Cinemax for reasons why.

    The idea of making the stories into a novel could work as well. Then, they erotica aspects will just be, well, aspects of a larger story.

    But, if you’re not really looking to make one cohesive storyline, then you also could serialize it. Individual stories, with continuing story and character development is incredibly involving. The best example I could give for this is TV shows. Good ones, at least. Like Firefly or Buffy or House or even Star Trek. Hell, even some soap operas sort of fit this.

    Don’t worry about pigeon holing your stories into any one thing. Hell, some writers specifically fight being pigeon holed (more unintended imagery). As long as the writing is good, which I have a feeling it is, you’ll attract a readership.

  • Keep it as a collection of vignettes. Some can be erotic, some can be sci-fi, some can be both; it’s all good!

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