The Feeldoe Stout and Male Usage

Stout_watermarked.JPGOkay, gotta buy this, too. I had no idea there was a heftier version of the Feeldoe out there. In fact, I had no idea there was a slimmer version, either. When I bought mine, there was just the standard size, which works fine, but there have been times that I wanted to offer a more…fulfilling experience. This baby, the Feeldoe stout, is a little shorter than the standard six inches, by about a quarter of an inch, which is no big deal. The diameter on the Stout is a quarter of an inch wider, though, and if you’ve bought a variety of sex toys, you know there’s a big difference in that fraction of an inch. The largest I’d ever buy is two inches, personally, and I hope Feeldoe comes out with one that big. It’d be great to scare your date with!

[Panicky shrieking] “Haha, honey, I’m just kidding. Let me get the real fuck toy.”

Or even better, use it with a partner who has a size fetish. The Stout is pretty close, and the respectable size guarantees you won’t be wearing your partner out too quickly. I’ve mentioned the Feeldoe before, but for those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a harness-less double dildo. It takes a little practice to use, but it’s definitely worth it. Your first couple tries are bound to be a bit wobbly. Yes, even if you religiously do your Kegel exercises. I do, and thought I wouldn’t have a problem. Your muscles just need to learn to grip it firmly, and you’re all set to go.

I can’t praise this accessory enough: you get full skin contact while you’re fucking your partner and G-spot and clitoral stimulation. How can you beat that for a deal? And guess what else is neat? Guys can use this anally, to give their loved ones some double penetration. I haven’t had a guy use it on me that way. Yet. But I’ve got plans, baby. I’d never thought about before. Of course, I’ve had lovely dreams of harnessed-and-dildoed men dancing through my dreams, but I hadn’t even noticed I’d had the means right in front of me. I’m almost positive that the bulb (or “pony” as the manufacturers like to call it) would penetrate far enough to massage the prostate. My only worry would be…well, what about your balls? Only one way to find out, I guess. : )

DP, here I come.

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