One More Day of RT

So I have one more treatment of radiotherapy (radiation therapy) left tomorrow morning. I’m excited–or at least I’m as excited as I can get lately. All I’ve been feeling for the most part is extreme fatigue coupled with a wondrous state of high anxiety. I haven’t gotten much sleep, obviously. Cognitive clotting has kept me from being too talkative (or hell, even lucid) on my blog; in RLâ„¢ as well, it would seem. A friend was thoughtful enough to forward this example of my present state of coherence. Thanks, Su! By this weekend I’ll have all of this behind me. Yay.

Anyway, within twenty-four hours I can say good bye to all the charming side affects the RT’s had on my body. Good bye to the purple ink covering my lower stomach, too. It’s kind of hard to get laid when you look like a two-year-old mistook your gut for a coloring book. So by next week I should be back to my old self again. I’m totally going to booze it up in celebration this weekend. Not that I was abstaining or anything, of course. I just need a bear thread of an excuse to go barhopping.

I mentioned I was having problems with Technorati the other day, and thought that I had solved it. Turns out it was all thanks to Janice Myint of Technorati Support who jumped on it almost as soon as I posted a request on her blog. Thanks again, Janice! There was something else I was going to mention, but I’ve forgotten. Eh.

Eucalingus is out of town, so I guess I’m going to celebrate semi-chastely tomorrow night. Maybe on Second Life. Some virtual sex would be just the ticket. Oh, I need to get my sweet pixelated bod some sex scripts (engines, was it, Shockwave?) and genitals. And a harness with a variety of weird dildos. I feel creativity rushing through my veins already.

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