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Seems like I’ve been missed by one of my favorite girlies on SexNet. She’s one of the hottest, sexiest, horniest girls I’ve met on there. (I have a fantastic, exclusive collection.) What with everything going on in my life lately, I’ve been neglecting to log onto IRC at night, as was my wont. Usually, if you don’t show up, people forget about you quickly, so it feels really, really good to know that you’re wanted. : )

Ember is me. lild32 is the hot gal. Desiree is another hottie, and the #Bifemsex boss o’ me. Some users names are changed to protect their privacy.

<Desiree> ooh Ember.. I have a message for you
<Desiree> I have to go to the bot to get the wording precise lol
* alladra smiles
<Desiree> [23:58] <Brooke> so let’s make sure I got this right.. she’s a bitch and you miss her skanky ass.
<Desiree> [23:59] <lild32> yes
<Desiree> [23:59] <Brooke> Okay.. lol I wouldn’t want to misquote THAT.
<Desiree> [00:00] <lild32> lol
<Desiree> [00:00] <lild32> i’m sure she expects nothing less from me
<alladra> that’s quite a message ;P
<Desiree> I know.. I’m merely the messenger lol
<Ember> lol
<Ember> I love that gal : )
<Ember> Can I quote that on my blog? lol
<Desiree> lol I am certain you can.

I feel all fuzzy n’ warm n’ aroused now. : )

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