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mig.jpg Would it be possible to do something weird and scifi-ish with this image? For a new logo, I mean. I’ve had a WP Theme change in mind for a few weeks, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Now that I’ve upgraded WordPress to 2.1, my links are missing, some other undefined bugs in my template lurk unseen, so it seems that now is a good time to change. I really like my present logo, though. What to do?

I guess you should probably expect some horrific looking templates while I tweak the theme. Xampp is not working for me lately for some reason: some 500 error or some such. Anyway, I’m done working, now I can get working on my blog. Too bad that doesn’t pay.

[ Aside ]: Actually, I forgot to shave, so forget that pic. I think I’ll stay with the scifi style.

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