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I deleted my claim on Technorati. Two weeks ago, the service stopped responding to my pings, and I kept getting a big ol’ Huh? when I looked for it in the blog directory. Now I can’t claim it! I’ve contacted support twice, but have yet to receive an answer. I’ve been poking around hoping to find some way to fix it myself, but I’ve had no luck so far. So…that’s one thorn in my ass.

Another is this new video card I bought…I still have to figure it out. It got good reviews, but it keeps crashing when I try to log onto Second Life. God, what a pain in the ass!

Other news: my host did some fiddling with my account and the servers so hopefully I’ll have better uptime. If not, I’m going to change next month. It’s a total pain in the ass.

[ Update ] I guess bitching about Technorati really does work! I can now use the Technorati Profile claim link. Thank goodness. Now let’s see what happens. Adding me back to your Technorati Favorites would be a big step back to normalcy for me!

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