Beauty and the Beasties

Okay, I was originally going to post this a few weeks ago, but decided against it in view of all the synchronicity I was being pummeled with. I’d first posted about the horse, the next night got into a conversation about bestiality with my guy. Then an old friend of mine popped up out of the cyber aether and reminded me of her fetish for dogs. Gloria Brame posted some delicious images in her Erotic Art Friday. And then today, I get this hilarious nudge from an e-friend of mine (she shall remain nameless until she claims it) about the tiger animation I’d posted the other night:

Dear Miss Babe,

On behalf of the Committee Liberate Indentured Tigers Or Rhinos In Sexual Servitude and Ladies Against Bears In Art I must insist, that you tell us the people responsible for the detestable animation.

When I saw it I was shocked, so much I had to show all my friends. Some of them couldn’t understand so one of my friends and I had to act out the animation, with the roars and the howling.

In fact, all the ladies where so upset, in the interest of scientific investigation we got one of our resident Tigers and we all acted it out with him.

The poor thing nearly expired with exhaustion, and the moaning of the 68 Ladies would have hurt his ears to no end.

We would hate to unleash our militant arm Vigilantes Against Gross Indecent Naked Animations to resolve this matter.

Chastity Bush on behalf of CLITORISS

God, she’s a riot! Anyway, here’s the original post in its entirety.


chipballs.gif Searching for clinical pictures of human genitals, I was surprised to come across this picture of large chipmunk balls, belonging to the rather well-endowed Antelope Chipmunk that evidently lives (or used to) in the Mohave Desert. We’re practically neighbors. Coming right on the heels of my post about the pony (I know it’s a horse) I came across in Second Life, Chip’s gonads seemed to urge that I write about something I find very, very likable about SL: The Pursuit of Fantasies. I thought about the numerous references I’ve heard over the years, from the Mexican donkey shows I mentioned, to the K9 pornography floating around on the internet and traded via P2P, over IRC, and any ol’ how.

I’m a little ambivalent when it comes to the morals of bestiality. Even after reading Sarah Wheeler’s zoophilia essay on the morality of bestiality (which is exceptional in its open-minded stance towards the subject, particularly for a non-zoophile) and the question of human psychological trauma versus that of an animal, I have an uneasy feeling that it may well be harmful to an animal, even if the sexual desire is there. Her comparison of the effects of pedophilia to those of bestiality is especially interesting. I agree with many of her points. It’s not for me, though. I don’t in any way condemn it, unless it’s violent and “inhumane”. What I condemn are laws that based on such shaky moral ground. In fact, the very idea that human omnivores would bitch and complain about the immorality of sex with turned-on animals is so incredibly hypocritical that it defies belief. You’d eat burger, but you wouldn’t fuck it? I guess they’re better off dead, right?

One of the more surprising myths about bisexuality that I’ve heard time and again centers around bestiality. Quite a number of people have asked me about “doggy sex” and the connection to bisexual women. Personally, I’d say there’s none. While the majority of women that have mentioned this fetish to me are bisexual, I’d attribute the fact that bisexuals in general are less inhibited and somewhat more honest when it comes to talking about sexual fantasies and desires. We have to be: many of us have to take a good, hard look at ourselves before we’re ready to come out–personally and publicly.

Zoophilia’s nothing new, and it’s notorious enough to continuously draw adherents of all sexes. Touting zoophilia really isn’t the point. I got a little sidetracked with the morality issue. My main objective was to simply point out what a fantastic resource Second Life is when it comes to enacting fantasies that you feel to be wrong and/or harmful, or that are harmful. To be sure, many would argue that this just gives deviants (watch it, that’s a blanket term: it could be applied to me or you) a step closer to acting out on these desires. I’m of the opinion that for the vast majority, this just isn’t so. We’re all inhibited in one way or another, or have been. Many people have “commonplace” sexual desires that are just as strong any zoophile’s or even pederast’s. And they live their lives out without fulfillment. Many people have violent fantasies, or briefly and cheerfully imagine strangling a coworker, a neighbor, that bastard down the street who yells “don’t run over my kid!” when you drive past. We should all be free to explore our fantasies, and have an outlet for our sexual creativity. I hope this freedom isn’t short lived. If for no other reason, imagine all of the data psychologists could harvest, and from that, the increase in knowledge of the human mind.

Imagine all the orgasms that will add to a planetary feeling of well-being.


And on another note, after turning it over in my mind for the past few weeks: if you’re for killing animals for dinner, you’d damn well better be all for fucking them for dessert.

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  • Your Squinty Eyed Pal wrote:

    I thought you would be talking about your incarceration last night like you bragged that you would. What happened to that? You promised the whole story.

  • God. Use your OWN computer to cut me down. :P

    ^Two stupid drunk girls. Thanks for the support, Cherry. And I didn’t get thrown in jail this past weekend!

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