Image of Me Repost

Ugh, I just noticed that my Images page is linking to the /images/ folder on my server, and I have no idea which folder they’re really in. So here’s a few until I can remember where the damn things went. So here they are again—in no particular order—for those of you who were asking (all one of you) for them. I’m not hiding. :P

2.jpg Web cam, May 12, 2005.

76699952_240531677_0.jpg Mobile phone, July 3, 2006

au3.jpg Me. Naked. Web cam, September 4, 2004.

au11.jpg Me. Not naked yet. Web cam, September 4, 2004.

bime.jpg I forget, but it was this past summer after I first got my glasses. So probably June 2006, taken with my Nikon.

peccaviIX.jpg I think this was a mobile phone picture, also from this past summer. June/July 2006.


  • eucalingus wrote:
  • Nice pictures. I love the one at the very bottom. It looks like a screenshot from a black and white Tarantino flick.

  • I didn’t know mercycam took over from jennicam?

  • eucalingus wrote:

    meh, my comment didn’t post? Wroted that love all of your shots and looking forward to seeing more. I think WPress didn’t like the “less than 3 = love” emoticon and mistook it for tag opener.

  • MercyCam™ is not for the faint-hearted. But I know you all could handle it. : )

    Thanks, Noche! That’s one of my favorites. It’s my ’51 Chevy in the background. Tarantino wishes he had it so good.

    Thanks, Eucalingus, baby. You can have more when I find the ones I’m okay with. It’s very difficult for me to post these lately. Maybe cuz I’m sober. : )

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