The Missing Touch of the Taboo

carnal red Okay, so Eucalingus was right: this isn’t chocolate. We were talking about (read: lusting over) this lovely image a few days ago, and this morning I came across it again at CyberDyke‘s Pic of the Day page. (You can see the POTD in the right sidebar.) We’re both totally in love with this site. I don’t really care to do the affiliate thing, unless I’m getting something I want. For example, a perfectly-shaped bare ass smeared with what appears to be blood. For some reason I thought it was chocolate syrup…now that I’ve taken a second look, I’m even more turned on because of the “blood”. This isn’t a fetish of mine, but like so many things, it’s something I really enjoy. I wonder what my fetish really is? I guess I’m just one sick puppy.

I guess I should feel dirty or ashamed or something, but–unfortunately–it’s rare that I feel that way about anything that turns me on. I’ve always felt that I’m missing out on a common component of sexuality because of this. Violating the taboo, exploring the forbidden, and engaging in the”dirty” factors of sex are such powerful incitements for a great number of people. I’ve had confused and conflicted feelings about sex in the past, but I’ve never felt that it was wrong. Even my first sexual experience with a woman felt natural, which seems to be a surprise to a lot of people. Not so for me, I knew what I wanted, and I was thrilled to be getting it. Maybe one day I’ll experience the ecstasy of true dirtiness or violating a sexual taboo. Until then, I’m just going to happily masturbate to whatever I want. The original red-smeared behind is here. And here’s another I’m loving right now. The ball gag, the ice cube, the expressions on the pretty little sub’s face…damn, and it’s still not break time. Good thing I make my own hours. The link to that page is here.

Oh god, and I just found Cyber Dyke’s free weekly gallery, straight from the member’s area. This girl is so beautiful and regal-looking. I just want to throw her on a huge, decadent, plushly-made bed and pound her into it. Dammit! Now I have to join this site.


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  • Mmm, I just love me some good old taboo violation.

    What I’ve found is that dirty talk and even a touch of multi-media during sex or masturbation go a long way in those instances when you can’t have the experience full-on for whatever reason.

  • I always love the dirty talk…I can’t really help myself in that department usually. It just bursts from my lips, so to speak. Multi-media might be a good idea for me…it’s been a long time since I’ve used anything like that, and I never did get too creative with the idea. Might be the time to try it out now. : )

    Thanks for the nudge!

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