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I’ve seen some interesting calls for submissions on the CyDy Blog lately. One is of particular interest to me, although I’m not a lesbian. Entitled “Visible: A Femmethology”, Merge Press is looking to create an anthology of writing on queer femme identity. Aside from quite a lot of lesbians-for-lesbians pornography and male fantasies, femmes are generally overlooked in society or not deemed “real”. Funny, that. I get a lot of that as a bisexual woman. Anyway, an anthology like that would certainly be of interest to me. As a reader. I’ve enough on my plate, and again, I doubt they want a bisexual’s perspective. I thought I’d let others know, however, and I’d be tickled if someone I know got published. You can sign a copy for me. Check it out here.

The next call for submissions is much more controversial, and I, for one, am glad someone has expressed an interest in publishing in this genre. If you haven’t heard of age play, it’s role-playing between consenting adults. One or more (usually) play the role of a minor. “BIG & little: An Anthology of Age Play Dynamics” will be an anthology of nonfiction contributions discussing the dynamics of this form of role-play, information, and dissemination (hopefully) of myths and prejudices. From the post:

Possible topics include but are not limited to:
Exploring the cultural misunderstanding as to what age play is (or ISN'T)
Letters to Daddy
Bedtime stories for little girls
Ruminations on the perfect Mommy
Personal accounts of the healing power of age play

During an interview for PixelPulse Magazine, I first learned about age play and its emergence in Second Life. Far from being an advocate of child pornography or sexual abuse, I am an advocate of any type of role-play or sexual activity between consenting adults. Rather than hidden away, subjects like this should be addressed candidly. I think a safe outlet for such desires can be beneficial to society as a whole. For anyone interested in sexual dynamics, this could be a deeper look into one of what has been considered the darker sides of sexuality.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m always interested in what makes others tick.

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