G-Spotlight: Big Butt Nicole’s Blog

I have a new blogger to add to my list of favorites: Big Butt Nicole. She puts the beautiful in BBW. Her blog is part of her porn site (in the amateur BBW genre), and one of the things I particularly like about this blog is that it’s truly a personal blog. So many sites out there have women talking about how much they just LOVE to suck cock. Okay, I gotcha. I love it, too, but you don’t see me repeating myself. Posts like that smack of bad porn dialogue. Nicole’s blog is candid and honest, and actually deals with her life, not some made up bull that makes her seem like a blithering cyber Bambi, lost and looking for somebody to give it to her good and hard.

Big Butt Nicole I can’t pretend that appearances mean nothing to me; they sure do. Even so, I’m more impressed—and aroused—by intelligent people. When I first visited Nicole’s blog, I thought, oh, another porn blog. There were sexy pictures of her all over the place, and large “Sign up!” graphics and advertisements in the posts and sidebars; you know, the usual. But she was cute, so I figured, what the heck, reading tripe won’t lower my IQ. I was extremely and pleasantly surprised to read her posts about confidence, BBWs, and women in general. Even the quality of her porn posts is high. Instead of captions under her steamy shower pics that said, Mmmm soapy!, there was actually substance! I’ll give you my favorite example of what I mean. In one of the posts she gives a rundown of the video clips she’s selling. Here’s what she wrote about one of them:

Strap On Love For Sissy Boys

This PVC fetish Schoolgirl Princess wants to “tap your ass”, sissy boy. If you have always dreamt of a BBW Princess dominating you and taking control of your weak, pathetic wussy ass, you have clearly found her. Gaze upon my huge cock and listen as I verbally humiliate you into submission. Fuck you, Loser Boy, you suck, I rule!

Not all of them are Domme clips (or so I assume, I read the captions, but didn’t view the videos), and that one’s my favorite because she’s wearing a harness and LARGE dildo. Plus she wears glasses, not in the vid I mentioned, but in others, and that’s another thing I find so sexy in women. Oh, and the vinyl…I adore women in vinyl. So if you’re into BBWs, or sexually confident women in general, check her out. What she has to say is worth reading, no matter what your fetish.

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