Shoot Stupid Cupids

I was really bored this morning. I had an appointment that was pushed back two hours, and only found out about it when I got there. With so much time to kill, I decided to ransack the local 99? store’s candy supply. Two bags of Brach’s Sweethearts and a half pound of chocolate is what I decided on for breakfast. I haven’t had a breakfast that good since I was in college! I’m going back there tomorrow, by golly. And after thinking on it, I’ve decided that I absolutely have to have the Cupid-flinging gun I saw in the Valentine’s Day aisle. There’re only four Cupid bullets, so I might have to buy more than one. I doubt the people I shoot them at are going to want to give them back to me. That’d be difficult on the freeway anyhow.

Forgive the crappiness of the images, I used my old snarky, temperamental cell phone to take the pictures. I didn’t want to forget a gimcrack this good.



Okay, I’m going to bed. I’m tired and on brand new meds. Yum. :P

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