Missing Orgasm $500 Reward

I’m restless tonight. I can’t sit still, I can’t focus, I can’t sleep. I’ve masturbated with absolutely no luck. One of the weird things that started happening this last year is this “missing orgasm” phenomenon. It happens occasionally; and it’s extremely frustrating. I feel like strangling an orgasm out of somebody. I guess it’s not my orgasm that’s truly missing, it’s the sensation that’s missing. There’s a difference in scent and texture when I come; a different taste, too. I don’t usually squirt dramatically, but I do have some ejaculate, and I know the difference between self-lubrication and my own cum. I can feel the pressure pushing down just behind my mons…and the release. And once in a while…it happens. No rush, no dizzying spin, no electricity, no thunder! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not numb. It feels good while I’m masturbating, but there’s no ascending climax that I can feel. Just the physiological symptoms that tell me it’s happened.

I’ve talked to my doctors (old and new) about it several times since it first started happening. My first doctor’s response: “Have you had an orgasm before? Are you sure?” Yes, I’m fucking sure! That’s how I know it’s missing! No real help from him. My latest doctor is only marginally more helpful. “It’s probably stress. But you should know our bodies change as we get older,” she told me. Uhm. Okay. So I should prepare myself for the death of my libido? I know that stress can lessen the intensity of an orgasm, even keep it from happening, but what I’m having? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Searching for it online is absolutely no help. All I get are thousands of results about How To Get Yourself Off. And lots of results about erectile dysfunction as well. Which is about as useful to me as Cialis. I suppose I just have to wade through all of the hits and hope there’s something out there. There has to be, after all. I can’t be the only one, can I? That would suck just way too much.

Okay, I’m gonna go try again.

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  • polymath wrote:

    You’re not the only one. Guys, girls, all kinds of people experience this. Some people think of it as not-an-orgasm, other people think of it as a different kind of orgasm.

    My sense (the plural of anecdote is not data) is that thirtysomethings experience this more often than teenagers do. For me, it is related to “stress,” though not the “I’m freaking out” kind, and not the “distracted I’m somewhere else now” kind either. Just the “there are a lot of things on my mind in the background” kind.

  • Maybe think of something really taboo? Break some moral laws in your brain. Think of something really really really wicked and vile. And then enjoy it.

  • DietProzac wrote:

    Holy dejavu!My 1st comment here a couple mo. back was on this topic and so is my “comeback comment” (my pc busted up). As a pharmacology student obssesed w/sex I have extensively studied the pharm. keys involved in sexual response/climax/ejaculation.

    W/o giving u a 10k word essay I can guaratee you a remedy. Its called “YOCON HCL”. In fact every male friend (inc. couple m.d.’s) i’ve shared this w./has exp. multiple orgasms(yes male multiple org. is not only possible but surprisingly not difficult 2achieve)AND increased ejaculation!

    I’ve discussed this w/m.d.’s and a pharm phd friend of mine who teaches/does reasearch in this area and all are in agreemnt that the reason this isn’t what is sold as “the blue pill” is that the patent on the compound has expired there4 pharmaceutical corp cant make zillions(pharm. patent on viagras/similars have 6 or so yrs 2go then there will be dirt cheap generic knockoffs)

    Note that i’ve talked about viagras(by this i mean all3, levitra+cialis inc)for purpose of comparison as mech of action is an enhanced+additional/different 1. That said, it is fun 2b “forced” 2try again after failing, right?

  • Thanks, guys n’ gals : ) I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one, and being dirty…well, that’s not hard for me. I’m ready to try damn near anything. *s*

    What about female orgasms, DietP? Oh, and welcome back to cyberspace, babe!

  • DietProzac wrote:

    Femme feedback on yocon hcl has been positive as well. If guys seem 2b more taken w/it is just cuz the experience of a multi seemed like an elusive dream.

    It is an outright blessing for pips like me who take(certain classes of)anti-depressants that damper sexual performance and gratification.

    Thanks 4the warm wellcome!

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