Man in My Panties II

Okay, here are the rest of the photos to go with the last “men in panties” post. Wasn’t he a sweetheart to go along with my twisted perversion? I think he was a little mortified that he could fit in my panties, until I showed him how far they could stretch. I’ve no doubt I could wrangle those babies onto a cow, if I wanted to. Again, dulce means “sweet”, as these pictures surely attest.

dulce4.jpg dulce5.jpg
dulce2.jpg dulce3.jpg


  • Eucalingus wrote:

    Hee hee!! The manties fit so much better when he’s in “up periscope” mode like that.

  • I know! I think that’s so freakin’ hot looking, too. : )

  • nice package. hope you had fun.

  • I love wearing panties too. Often my neighbors leave town and ask me to watch their house. My neighbors wife knows of my panty fetish and has given me the “green light” to indulge in her panty drawer while they are gone. I usually slip into a pair shortly after they leave and will beat off in them a few times a day. I will go back every day for a new pair and when i am done i place them back into her drawer. She usually catches up with me a makes comments on how much it turns her on knowing that while they are gone I am enjoying myself with the evidence to bear out just how much fun i had. I have showed her how i look in her panties and it turns her on huge which in turn turns me on as well.

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