Just Another Bad Picture Day

thosedays.jpgI really, really hate pictures of myself, but there’s one thing I do like about them: the more time that’s gone past, the better I look (in retrospect). So I think it’s important that I keep these sweaty, weary, pissy pictures of myself. A special thanks to my best friend for snapping this picture of me during an argument with some family member of mine. I don’t really remember who, but that’s not really odd. Argument is our main form of communication. I have to remember to stop looking at her whenever she says, “hey, check it out.”

Anyway, just wanted to share my angry face with you. To be honest, a lot of people who’ve never met me ask why I look mad in a lot of my pictures. That’s just the Chinese in me, I think. Or it could be that self-loathing that the lens catches, or maybe I look pissed off all the time. I have no idea; I don’t look at myself that often. Of course, could just be my BDD telling me I look freakishly odd. One of my many charms. *s*


  • It’s odd that the older you get, the better you think you looked when you were younger. ( Me to, even when looking at my passport photos )

    Than plant behind you looks just like Batman!

  • You’re right. My mom and her weird plants!

    I’m still not all that pleased with my pre-legal (younger than 18) pictures, but I do wish I could go back to being 21. That was about the best I ever looked. I still have hopes for being one of those hot mature women, though. : )

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