A Man in My Panties

guy wearing my panties Okay, I did it, I got a guy in my panties for a quick photo shoot. After a comment in my Manties post (thanks for getting me thinking, polymath!), I thought about it and decided I’d just ask some random person to do it. It didn’t need to be a partner of mine, per se, but with the rumor floating around that men are willing to do anything to get into a chick’s panties, I felt I had a chance. The idea is outrageous enough that I didn’t expect to be taken seriously by most people, but I might get someone to do it just for kicks. And I was right; it was surprisingly easy. Could this be the beginning of a series? Let’s hope.

One of my best friend’s boyfriends dropped by with a friend of his. This friend was obnoxiously familiar, and loud-mouthed to boot. One of those wanna-be “players”. Perfect prospect, no? I went and got a couple of clean pairs from my room.

I said, “Hey, let me take a picture of you in my panties.”

“Uhm, okay. Will they fit?”

“No.” I tossed him my panties. “Here, put them on.”


Cherry (my best friend) and her guy were in stitches, and this anonymous young buck was grinning foolishly as I had him pose for the pictures. I took him to another room for the more explicit photos. He seemed to be expecting something for his trouble, but I told him I just wanted pictures to remember him by; nothing else. He was a good sport about it. Yes, I told him I was going to publish it on the internet. No, he didn’t want me to. I finally talked him into it, though, and here’s the first of the set. By the way, dulce means “sweet”. Ain’t he, though?

As I mentioned before, my camera’s acting up. The pictures are too dark and not as clear as they usually are, so I have to edit each one. Plus, I want to put a nifty little watermark on them. Feel free to use them, all I ask for is a link back. I’ll post the rest later as I’m a little constrained for time: I’m STILL not dressed. And still caffeine-less. Who knew staring at men in panties would take up so much time?



  • Hahaha, I love it! I think this is a fun idea. I can’t wait for the thong photo shoots — that is, if you decide to do this as a series. The added treat, of course, would be that we get to check out your collection of panties. ^^

  • It would be great if I could make it a regular feature, wouldn’t it? All I can do is try. : )

    I guess I should start wearing thongs in case I come across someone willing when I’m out on the town. And buy more cute panties. *s*

  • polymath wrote:

    Totally hot!

    You are brave, offering your intimates to a guy you didn’t really like. I hadn’t thought about the power exchange possibilities. He got something he really wanted — to tell his friends he got into your panties — but so did you! I’m just thinking about what could happen if you try this with someone you really like…

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  • If you lived near NJ, i’d so totally volunteer for this :)

  • Thanks, polymath! I find that usually I’m a lot more aggressive with those I’m not too into. It’s almost a fetish in itself, dominating someone you dislike.

    You know, ATP, if I lived near NJ, I’d definitely take you up on that!

  • pick me next….pick me next ;o)

  • And where do you live, Sweat Shop Sissy? *grin*

  • Would you be interested in pics of me wearing some silky panties? I actually have a collection. It has been a fetish of mine for years. I had girlfriends buy them for me even my X wife bought them for me.

  • Love your fetish. Great shots.

  • matt_c_47 wrote:

    hey i find this really kinky, i like to try panties now and then, i wish i could find a chick like u, that dreams up these crazy things, i darent suggest it myself becos the unpredictable reaction, however i wud deffinately love to give it a go for a bird, or even jus talk about it to a girl i like

  • craig davis wrote:

    i like the way the meat holds up

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