Brothels for Women

I haven’t done too much research, but I haven’t found much on brothels that cater to women. Are Google and the other biggies filtering it all out, or am I just totally out of luck? I know that there are some brothels in Nevada that allow women, some even welcome them, where a chick can visit just like the guys do. (If they don’t make you wait in a back room or something.) But what about a place that has guys?

I checked out Heidi Fleiss’ , but there’s not much on that page. Unless you’re looking for an employment opportunity, I guess. (Go on guys, they’re hiring!) I checked the news part of her site, and according to the latest update (posted this past October, I think it was) she’s in the process of preparing to submit the application for a brothel license. She has HBO all revved up and providing seed money her ranch (yeah, whatever, not “seeding”, call it “paying for an exclusive”), and she still hasn’t gotten around to turning the damn paperwork in? I’m not all that inclined to frequent any of Fleiss’ establishments, anyway, but if it’s the only one, then hey, I’ll take it—even though I know that I’ll be paying mostly for her stamp of approval on the guy’s trousers.

So, what I want to know is…anyone else have any suggestions? Mind you, if it’s out of the country, I doubt I’ll be able to go. I was hoping to take some friends with me, or at least my best friend.

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