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Since I first started using WordPress I’ve been idly thinking about writing a plugin. I didn’t have any great ideas that hadn’t been done before, nor anything I really needed; I just wanted to learn. The other day I decided I wanted to alter the plugin that runs my (Pasi Matilainen’s ) and add a few more functions. I hadn’t realized there was more than just coding in PHP when it came to creating them. Now I know better, and while I haven’t modified Pasi’s plugin (okay, I did, and I screwed it up: I had a backup, though), I started writing a brand new baby plugin of my own. Right now it doesn’t do anything except write to the database and generate random text for testing. But that’s all good, I didn’t expect to write one in ten minutes. Besides the WP Codex, I was able to pick it up rather quickly from new online . It’s the first beta version, but there are additional plans in the works for more functionality. I’ll probably have figured it out by then, but I wanted to get it out here in case anyone else is thinking about writing a WP plugin. The generator’s been a great help learning the basics for authoring WP plugins to someone like me: an amateur code hacker.

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  • I noticed this post via technorati trackback… Don’t feel bad about not being able to modify my graph plugin code, it’s probably not too trivial for more advanced plugin writers either because my code is totally horrible and not even commented properly. :P Anyway, I’m curious, what kind of alteration you had in mind? I’m always open to good improvement ideas. :)

  • Hi, Pasi! Thanks for taking the time to post. I love your plugin, by the way. The only thing I was hoping I could change was the ability to have more than one. And maybe add some more options to the graphical layout that I can access from the admin panel, like borders and centering. Right now I’m using a css class, but I’m kind of lazy; I’d rather access it from the admin panel since I spend so much time there. But that’s not a big deal, really. A multiple charts option would be great, though!

  • Thanks. :) I’ve been thinking about multiple charts too. If version 1.0 ever comes out, it’ll have them. Maybe more config options as well. ;)

  • That would be great, Pasi! I’ll be waiting. *grin*

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