Rosebuds: Erotic Jewelry

miniserpentxxl.jpgThinking about romancing your stone or pearl? I found a site that I’m absolutely in love with. Rosebuds Jewelry leaves me completely at a loss for proper adjectives. Too beautiful to be called butt plugs, these rosebuds of stainless steel, bronze, and yes, semi-precious gemstones, are only one of the types of body jewelry that Julian Snelling creates. I really don’t like to steal anyone’s images, but this site uses frames and I just had to show my favorite. So I settled on a thumbnail. You have to see these works of art for yourself. From nipple clasps, to cuffs, cock “crowns” (gorgeous and torturous-looking: I love it), “bumballs”, and so much more, they really aren’t as expensive as I thought they’d be. You’ll have to order them from France (like that’s a problem), but some of the smaller nipple jewelry is incredibly reasonable; about $45 USD for those. Talk about romantic gifts! With Valentine’s Day not too far off, you might want to start browsing the site now. I know I will be.

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