Bisexuals, Females and Cybersex

For a number of years, I’ve hung out in an IRC channel,‘s #cyber-lovers. It was a small channel, populated by dedicated chatters who are easy-going, drama-free (for the most part), and of course, unrepentant perverts. Last week, the channel’s founder, Brooke, told me she was closing it down. It kind of sucks, but her main reason for doing so is undeniable: #cyber-lovers is dying. One of the things I liked best about the channel was that we were all kind of a collection of people who Brooke thought were cool–she had impeccable taste. Smart, erudite, accepting chatters. If you haven’t hung out much in adult-oriented channels (chat rooms), you’d be surprised at how puritanical many people are. Add that to all of the stupid vices–jockeying for “power”, he-said-she-said crap, jealousy, immaturity, and so on–and you have a seething cauldron of, well, stupidity.

The loss of a channel away from mainstream moronics would be incredibly saddening, but Brooke’s planning on using another room as a gathering hole: #bifemsex. Which is great, seeing as how I’m bi, a female, and like sex. The name doesn’t exclude anyone, however; I wouldn’t hang out there if it did. A number of “girl” channels have sprung up that exclude guys with friendly topics like, “* No males and no male girls, 18+ only — Do not PM without consent or be banned –“. Misandry: so lovely. Having a penis (or being caught with one, for “posers”) will get you kicked and banned from the room. More stupidity. I get it, some women want to be able to role-play with each other and don’t want to be importuned by horny men. But some of these channels are little more than male-bashing cliques whose main form of role-play is hunting down men pretending to be women. Not my thing. Cybersex, virtual sex, dirty talk: that’s my thing.

Now that I’ve vituperated a number of other chatters and their lame habits, I’m going to shamelessly promote #bifemsex: we’ve got the goods! All joking aside, though, if you are or were a regular in #cyber-lovers but didn’t get a memo or e-mail about the channel closing, here’s the skinny: #Cyber-lovers is closing. I was offered the channel, but declined. I don’t care where I hang out so much as who I hang out with. Someone else might take the channel up, though. The channel’s website is going down, too. #Bifemsex will have a new URL and site. If you registered at the old one and want to transfer membership and/or photos over to the new one, tell me and I’ll make it so. If you aren’t a member, never were, but are interested, you are welcome to check the channel out. We don’t care if you’re a straight male who hates sex, we just like chatting. Particularly about sex, cybersex, sexuality, anything that gets us aroused or intellectually stimulated. The room’s barely populated at the moment, but I figure that’ll change soon enough.

Anyway, if you just want to take a quick peek and/or you don’t have a chat client application, a very basic java client is here. Have fun!

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  • I would just like to report that the g/f and I went to a sci-fi themed sex hotel (in Taipei). Awesome, eh?

  • That IS awesome, Brad! How was it? Did you take any pictures?

  • Oh yes, and I’ll eventually post more. It was a general themed motel (which means ‘sex hotel’ in Taiwan) with a “Star Wars” theme: nothing proprietary, but spacey all the same. It was glorious!

  • It certainly looks like it! If I ever go on a honeymoon, it’d better be some place cool like that.

    Why are they called sex hotels?

  • Yes, I’d say, certainly honeymoon material, if you can get past the “in Taiwan” part!

    They’re sex motels because they’re on an hourly rate and only for sex. There’s no privacy in Taiwan and lots of affairs and lots of people (parents) think pre-marital sex is bad, so you pull into a double vehicle garage and take a private elevator to one of the rooms.

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