The Mon Veneris Trap

No one would pose for me, so I had to do it myself. Now tell me this isn’t friggin’ hot.



  • That looks like fun! I’ll have to try it out at some point. I see that’s Ishtara Rothschild’s store, Dark Delights. She makes great erotic products. I noticed you also spotted her very well-hung sex horse, although that plant looks like it may be a better virtual lover.

  • Almost forgot. Can I spam you? I have a new place set up at Blogger where I can get goofy and take a break from the formalities of the magazine blog. :) Feel free to drop in when you feel like wandering the Web.


  • But was it good for the plant as well?

    Have you had a look though the adult furniture on ? Just in case you want some house furnishings.

  • Eucalingus wrote:

    That is fuckin’ impressive. That veggie looks like it has some very fine-tuned motor skills… and so attentive! So is it true: once you’ve had green, you never go back?

  • Hey, Cheri, you can spam my blog anytime. I’m glad there’s a place we can be more relaxed with you! : )

    As for the plant…yeah, it’s something else. What a real lover that would make, eh? Of course, it’s still the garden-variety lover when it comes to you, Eucalingus. *grin*

    Oh, and *thank you*, Shockwave…I don’t have a Second Life pad yet, but adult furniture would be top priority for me. I used to spend months working out ideas for solo and double play “furniture” when I was taking drafting and engineering classes. It’d be interesting to see what others are doing and try to recreate some of my own ideas in Second Life. Damn, other arousing project. Life can be so kinky sometimes.

  • You know what? The image didn’t capture it, but from all the “pollen” I was being sprayed with I get the idea that the plant was lovin’ it, too. I’d have really liked to have that on video.

  • Shockwave Plasma wrote:

    Found it!

    Well it’s tenticles and the occasional spacebabe.

  • That’s so awesome, thanks, Shockwave! You know I’m a huge fan of space babes, too. Particularly the Golden Age hotties that are always being menaced by villainous extraterrestrials. (And rogue scientists)

  • […] Also among relatively recent products by Ishtara are: The Real Stud, a horse you can have your way with in the hay; and Fawny Latynina, an exotic plant that ensnares and sexually penetrates its willing prey with its tentacles. PixelPulse reporter Lienna Jael took the plant for a spin not too long ago. I?m doing the same in the photo at bottom left, since I am such an impassioned proponent of participatory journalism. […]

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