Posing in Second Life

How do I get this girl to pose? Jeez. She kept looking everywhere but straight at the screen. Kind of like me in Real Life? when someone else is holding the camera.


I wonder if there’s any way to get her to do kinky stuff on her own? Or at least pose for the camera…she’s so serious all the time. I do like her breasts, though. (If only I had my own to play with!)

Oh, another thing I need to look up: taking video clips of some of the stuff I’m doing in Second Life. I know it can be done, but I’ve yet to stumble across such a setting. I know, I know: RTFM, Lienna.

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  • In Posing for the camera, there should be some animations in your inventory by default. When you run those the Avi stops moving.

    I can’t remember some names right now

    Fraps (free version) http://www.fraps.com/ will record short clips

  • Eucalingus wrote:

    Lienna? I thought your name was Mary! ;p

  • You know me, a woman of mystery. I like having lots of beautiful names. : )

    Thanks for the tip, Shockwave! I have Fraps, and I think I have some animations. If not, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find some.

  • even with some animations, your head will still turn, look up and down, and blink. if you add the “Be Happy” attachment, you’ll also randomly smile. the trick is to get the camera in place, rotate it around until you’re looking into the camera part of the time … and then wait ;)

  • Thanks, Sadako! I’ve been walking around with a permanent smirk plastered on my face for the most part. I just wish I could pose my avatar like a Vicky character in Poser. Still…Vicky ain’t me. ; )

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