Penis Love, Not Envy

Yay, I found more phallic images! I still have my favorite, of course. To go along with that, and the Documentary of Free Penis Pictures post is another with the same goal:

This site has quite large (yum) images for the best view. As tasty as I find the images, the site itself is tastefully and tactfully done. It is not a porn site, but rather another collection of non-pornographic penis pictures. The goal of this site, too, is to promote a healthier male body and penis image. There are a few galleries, straight (as in unbowed), the n-curve (curving downward), and the u-curve (curving upward). What’s absolutely wonderful about this site is the commentary, from both the men sharing their penises, and the site administrators.

Male age 38, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 170 lbs, flaccid length 2.5 in., erect length 4.5 in.
My life since puberty has been based on hiding the size of my penis and believe me it has all but eliminated my participation in sports. For some reason most men seem to relate their conversations somehow into dick size! The length I can put up with, but the 4.5 in. circumference is discouraging.

I’m sorry the circumference bothers you. I hope you realize that the average circumference in the Wessells study (our best study) is only 12.30 cm. which converts to 4.84 inches. That’s just .34 in., or 1/3 of an inch, fatter than yours – a very small difference. Your erection has other nice features such as the angle.

There are flaccid-to-erect photo galleries, senior galleries, naked men outdoors, implants, full-body images, and more. Right now the site is looking for submissions of members with peyronies or extreme curvature of the penis. Check it out.

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