Manties & More Men in Panties

I’ve been spending some of my free time searching for more men in lingerie and panties sites. Most are pay sites, and if I signed up for every genre I’m interested in, I’d soon be broke. So I refrain. ‘Cuz I’m cheap. But mostly because I’m more interested in guys who enjoy wearing women’s underwear, satin, silk, lace, ribbons, and more, than I am in porn models. And of course, the most interest is allotted to men who love to exhibit themselves so clad. When I wrote my last post about PantyPaul, I didn’t know that he had a blog, too. Now this is the stuff I’m looking for! My Men in Panties post gets a lot of traffic, but it only has one comment. I’m curious, how many of those who pass through are women?

A month or so ago, a Slip of a Girl wrote, “I fantasized a bit about how pretty the panties would be, how they would feel on, and how with sheer pink you would nearly see everything beneath them anyway…

“Then BING! I suddenly ‘saw’ those sheer pink vintage panties with an erect penis inside them.”

That’s exactly what attracts me most: a hard cock straining against the silky sheer material, enticing glimpses of flesh through lace. In the idleness of postcoital bliss, I’ve twirled my panties suggestively on a finger, asking my current lover to try them on. A few darling, sexy men have taken me up on the offer. I love most to feel their firm cocks through satin, my hand sliding over the contours of their bulge, fingertips tickling lightly over their panty-clad balls. Once I get a guy in my panties, I insist he keep them on, making him wear them even (and most especially!) during sex. More often, I tug the waistband past his cock, leaving the excess to cup and cradle his balls as I stroke his shaft, the palm of my hand twirling over the head and sliding back down to the base; bringing him to orgasm with just the touch of my hands and the look in my eyes.

Guys like that are rare and far between, however. Most demur, saying that my panties would never fit them. No urging assures them otherwise. But now, I have an alternative. I found a site called that sells panties made for men: They’re cute and sexy, frilly and sissified, bedecked with bows and ribbons and embroidery. They have enough roominess just where men need it most, and I can imagine with all the slippery material gliding over their cocks, men are going to need every last bit of that extra space. I’m still going to prefer seeing a guy in my panties over a guy in his panties, though. There’s something so decadent and domineering about making them dress in my intimates. Still, if would be so hot to slip a hand in a man’s jeans for the first time and feel lace tickling my fingertips and the slickness of silk on cock.

Before you head off on a search for pics, indulge my curiousity by taking my quick poll, please.



  • FYI: You can see more pics of Men in Panties if you join groups in MySpace and Yahoo, which are free.

  • polymath wrote:

    It’s the most intimate part of your clothing, and you asked someone to share it with you, and they said no? I don’t understand. I love to ask my partners to swap undies with me — and if I really like them, I ask them to keep mine. They can choose to keep them or toss them later — but it’s their choice and I enjoy giving that choice.

  • Thanks for the tip, ATP! I’ll definitely check those out. I don’t have a MySpace account, but it’d be worth signing up for.

    I’ve asked several someones to wear my underwear, polymath. Men and women, both, though I’ve never been turned down by a woman. (In that department) I still have a few pairs that belonged to ex-girlfriends, to remind me of all the good times. I wonder if they still have mine?

  • anony mouse wrote:

    Love the site, some pics you might enjoy (not my blog, BTW).

  • Awesome, thanks, anonymouse! For anyone following the link, scroll down a bit. I kept clicking links, unable to find the pictures. They were there, I just didn’t notice. Duh, me.

  • I’d wear panties for you any time. Especially the satin ones. Yum!

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