Make Spam Feed Your Sleaze

One great thing about spam these days is the randomly generated text in the subject lines and bodies. In a hack from the book Mind Performance Hacks, author Ron Hale-Evans suggests seeding your creativity with random words and images, or anything at all, to break your mind out of its rut. Spammers spin out interesting, haphazard tales in an effort to fool the filters so popular these days. I use the SpamBayes plugin for Outlook, and rather than deleting the junk, it goes in its own special folder. I get a ton of spam daily, increasing my chances of getting some mail with rather intriguing subjects lines. Sometimes a whole “story” is generated. Reading through them is a surreal experience. It’s like listening to the babble of a demented, drunken poet. Which suits my creative needs perfectly.

Here’s a good example from the subject line of some spam I received today: “tube blow someone”. Eager to discover a new fellatio technique, I ran a quick search on Google. No luck. How about a tube blowjob? Nope. I did, however, find some rather interesting cocktails (pun intended) called, you guessed it, “Blowjobs“. There’s a fascinating variation called “Wrigley’s Doublemint Blowjob” and another “Blowjob” that curdles when the ingredients mix, purportedly creating an uncanny likeness in texture and appearance to a man’s cum. How awesome is that?

Just a little sample of what spammers can do for you. Isn’t it about time they gave something back to the community?

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