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Documentary of Free Penis Pictures

I like looking at genitals. It’s sexy and fun. Real ones, fake ones, drawn ones, even digital ones. The more the merrier. A few days ago, on the hunt again, I came across A Documentary of Free Penis Pictures. All I can say about this site is: it’s about damn time. I love the fact that there’s such a movement towards a more positive outlook (or insight?) on our bodies, for men and women both. This site documents penises, in all their wonderful and beautiful sizes, shapes, colors: contoured and straight, dark and light, and everything in between. The pictures show erections, softies, ejaculation, masturbation poses, but none of these are meant to be pornographic. I want to stress that because so many straight guys out there with size issues think it’s gay to look at another guy’s penis, or even wonder about it. I think it’s natural to have an academic interest in someone else’s tools. We put such an emphasis on the physical–body type, facial features, hair, and so on–and comparing our physical attractiveness to others, it’s only natural that many of us would want to compare our sex gear as well. Wanting that doesn’t make you gay. Looking at penii won’t make you gay. I promise. But if it does, I’ll find someone to switch you back. Provided, of course, that you want to go back.

In all seriousness, though. This is not a porn site, but an advocate site for a positive male body image. Some men don’t believe women when they say size doesn’t matter (it doesn’t) and some don’t believe it when they’re told that they are not small (you aren’t). Hopefully, seeing a bunch of cocks all in one place will give guys who worry about all of that a better perspective on their own.

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  • I think the guys who think their penis is small are into the small penis humiliation fetish :)

    Then again, if you’ve seen cocks in porn, I’m sure you’d feel your cock was small (compared to that).

  • I’ve seen some pretty sizable cocks in porn…and some on the small side, too. I think that’s one of the reasons some guys feel inadequate. Silly, really, penii are beautiful. *grin*

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