G-Spotlight: Babes With Books—Smart girls are hot!

Babes With Books -- Pictures of sexy girls reading and studying. Smart girls are hot! What a great idea! Nothing but pictures of attractive literate females on the Babes With Books blog. I’m quite partial to nerdy girls. Most of the pictures look to be real girls, rather than models posing with books. Admittedly, some look rather fake, but any woman could very well have a bookworm gnawing on her core. Readers are sexier by far, though. There are a few images that were kind of a turn off: a chick reading some romance novel, and a snotty looking girl standing beneath a library sign. Blech. I’ve read enough of the romance genre to safely say that most of it is trash. I only say “most” because there’s always the possibility that one or two of them might have slipped through the mentat censors. As for the second girl, I remember her. She would tumble out of some old jalopy in front of the library two minutes before her mom came to pick her up after “study group”. But I digress: girls reading and studying are alluring even with their clothes on. Almost all of them are clothed, by the way. Works for me.

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